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Lunch Buffet

11:30 AM

Lunch Keynote: Timeless Learning

12:15 PM  Dr. Pam Moran & Ira Socol, Albermarle Public Schools

Pam New Image .jpg

Dr. Pam Moran, recently retired superintendent of thirteen years in Albemarle, Virginia, also has worked as a teacher, staff developer, elementary principal, and assistant superintendent. Currently, she serves as the executive director of the Virginia School Consortium for Learning. Pam was the 2010 president of the Virginia Association of School Superintendents and the 2016 Virginia Superintendent of the Year, one of four finalists for the AASA national superintendent of the year. She authored articles and posts for Make Magazine, Education Week, School Administrator, EdSurge, the Alliance for Excellent Education and Kappan. She is a coauthor with Ira of Timeless Learning. She writes for numerous educational publications, blogs regularly, hangs out with amazing educators on Twitter, posts mostly nature pics to Instagram, keynotes conferences, and has been featured in Tedx Talks across the country.



Ira Socol, a former K-12 Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, has authored numerous articles in national education and school architectural journals and co-authored the just released book Timeless Learning, a narrative of contemporary progressive educators and learners. He is recognized for expertise in accessibility technology and Universal Design for Learning and developed Toolbelt Theory, an equity and empowerment protocol for all learners. Ira supports educators and architects in implementing contemporary progressive learning in schools of all sizes, demographics, and geographic locations. He is a graduate of Grand Valley State University. During doctoral studies at Michigan State, he became a leading national expert in the use of accessibility technology and Universal Design for Learning where he also developed Toolbelt Theory, an equity lens for all learners.  Ira attended the Pratt Institute and once served as an NYPD officer. He has worked in vocational rehabilitation services, a homeless shelter, and in special education over his career. Ira was recognized by the Center for Digital Education for its annual award to the nation’s 2017 top 30 Technologists, Transformers and Trailblazers.

Sponsor Showcase 

1:15 PM

Breakout Sessions #1

1:30 PM 


Identify best practices and create a framework for innovation and entrepreneurship adoption in your school/district with actionable steps to spur change and growth.

Dr. Amanda Jones, Mobile County Public School System

Creating a Culture of Entrepreneurship


Want to teach entrepreneurship, instill an entrepreneurial mindset in your kids, meet Common Core requirements, promote literacy, and raise money for your school or a local charity all at the same time and have fun doing it? Learn from Brian Weisfeld, author and former executive, how to run a lemonade stand competition to accomplish all those goals.

Brian Weisfeld, The Startup Squad

Common Core Meets the Lemonade Stand: Combining Literacy and an Entrepreneurial Mindset

Afternoon Keynote: Discovering Your Success Formula

2:30 PM Scott Tindle, Experiential Design Group


The success formula of grit, kindness, and relentless optimism has allowed Scott to overcome bad grades and a near miss from expulsion due to truancy. Discovering this formula allowed him to excel at a highly ranked law school, appear on ABC’s Shark Tank, participate in national speaking engagements, and work with start ups in over 20 countries around the world. Entrepreneurship education is imperative in teaching students how to define their own success formula. 

Breakout Sessions #2

3:30 PM 

Quinlan,Cindy Renee_182 - Cindy Quinlan.

The Brookwood Integrated Entrepreneurship program encourages students to launch a real business while earning core Language Arts course credit. Students are prepared annually to enter a “Shark Tank” competition, and have earned $30,000 investment funding to date. This presentation shares the program’s literacy strategies used to teach winning presentation skills. Specifically, Participants will learn the SUCCESS Pitch Techniques used to train the Brookwood student entrepreneurs. Additionally, session participants will practice using a concept map to develop a "15 second purpose statement," which sets the foundation for crafting a solid pitch. A generic pitch structure grid, will be shared to show how students can be taught to structure a presentation using effective transitions while incorporating rhetorical strategies such as ethos, pathos, and logos. These strategies are excellent resources for entrepreneurial educators at both the high school and post-secondary levels.

Cindy Quinlan, Brookwood High School (Gwinnett County Public Schools)

Transforming Student Presentations through Literacy-Based SUCCESS Pitch Techniques

teach photo.png

This presentation will provide you with a history of the Lancerships program at Lamoille Union High School in Hyde Park, Vermont. The program currently serves 22 students whom manage and run 7 micro-businesses within our Lancerships Student Business Center. Students fully experience the entrepreneurship process from product research, production, financial planning and the sales process. From t-shirt printing to jewelry, the Lancerships Student Business Center is a place where students are able to personalize their learning and contribute to their school community.

Bob Fredette, Business Teacher, Lamoille Union High School

Building Entrepreneurship Through Hands-on Project-Based Learning

Day 1 Wrap-Up

4:30 PM

Sponsor Reception & Book Signings

4:30 PM


5:30 PM

Dinner Keynote: The Five Types of Entrepreneurs & The Myths that Surround Them

6:00 PM Russ Seagle, CEO, The Sequoyah Fund, Inc.

IMG_4132 - Russ Seagle.JPG

All students have a "thing." That thing might be sports, art, music, higher academic pursuits. For others, work might be their thing. As cries go up nationwide for minimum wages to increase, we face a crisis of an entire generation of students being priced out of the workplace. As a result, they'll miss out on valuable work and life skills they'll need to be successful adults. Fortunately, we can give them the skills to create their own jobs! The problem is a myopic focus on a small percentage of students that ignores the vast majority of "non-traditional" entrepreneurs. There are few high-profile entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Sara Blakely, Bill Gates, and Oprah Winfrey. Not all entrepreneurs are world-changing revolutionaries. This program busts the five common myths surrounding the five types of entrepreneurs and readies us to meet the challenges of ALL entrepreneurial students.


8:30 AM

Opening Keynote: Tech Workplace Trends in the Classroom: How Education is Adopting Tech Industry Practices

9:00 AM Laura Janusek, Modern Teacher

Janusek Headshot A - Laura B.

Technology tools have become an integral part of the education experience over the last several decades, from chromebooks to apps to virtual reality. But another element of technology has begun to take shape in our classrooms: not the hardware, not the software, but the workplace practices of the tech industry. This keynote will explore how five tech trends are being adapted to apply to the classroom: hackathons, agile project management, task boards, “Slack”-ing, and remote teams. Participants will learn the fundamentals of each of these common tech industry practices, how each is being applied in innovative classrooms and schools, and how the use of these practices can promote entrepreneurial skills in today’s students. It’s time to explore what strategies we can borrow from tech and startup workplaces to enhance our own entrepreneurship practices in the classroom!

Sponsor Showcase

9:45 AM

Breakout Sessions #3

10:15 AM

Gary Photo #1.jpg

The world has changed in ways that now require everyone to think like an entrepreneur. In this interactive session, ELI Founder Gary Schoeniger will demonstrate the Ice House concepts and methodologies that increase engagement while equipping students with the 21st Century skills that will enable them to adapt and thrive. 

Gary Schoeniger, President & CEO, Entrepreneurial Learning Initaitive

Redefining Entrepreneurship Education: The Ice House Program

CB7157EC-27AB-422E-BFD8-EDF2B79B9CC6 - N

For inquisitive students who need freedom to explore, build, & tinker, The Collaboratory is a space providing opportunities that create a culture of innovation.Unlike traditional libraries, The Collaboratory will provide differentiated learning opportunities for all students. An idea launched at EntreEd Forum 2018 has exploded into school-wide excitement around this space where makers become entrepreneurs. This space is a perfect place to introduce accountable talk, team work, reinforce growth-mindset and the 16 habits of mind. While students begin tinkering and exploring Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, & Math they discover the world around them, encounter problems, and figure out how to bring solutions to their community.

Neil Arnett, District Technology Coordinator, Pikeville Independent Schools

Christina Howard, Library Media Specialist

Traci Tackett, Director of Digital Literacy, BitSource

The Collaboratory

Sponsor Showcase

11:15 AM

Breakout Sessions #4

11:30 AM

Carol, Shannon, Me - Melissa Eckstein (1

As an America's Entrepreneurial School, Gateway Regional High School will share how they infused an entrepreneurial culture. From three years of entrepreneurial courses to curricular projects within the classroom and beyond, the Gateway staff have embraced the notion of preparing students for careers yet to be created. Gateway utilizes real life settings to apply skills learned through our curricula. No matter the career choice, the workforce of tomorrow must be able to meet the demands of innovation. As an entrepreneurial school, they cultivate resiliency, problem-solving, critical thinking, and bravery withinstudents to successfully face career challenges.

Dr. Shannon Whalen, Superintendent, Gateway Regional High School

Ms. Carol O'Connell, Director of Guidance & School Test Coordinator

Ms. Melissa Eckstein, Gateway to Careers District Career Facilitator

Gateway to Careers Educating Tomorrow's Workforce


This session will illustrate the importance of enabling and encouraging grit, perseverance, and resiliency in students. Often, students wrestle with embracing ambiguity and uncertainty, especially in the face of learning new methodologies (such as design thinking and business model canvas utilization). The convergence of ambiguity and uncertainty with new methodologies causes initial resistance and lack of confidence that anything fruitful can result. At this stage, it is important to reinforce with the students that they must embrace the uncertainty as opportunity for growth and learning, and to trust the methodology to eventually cut through the turbulence. It is critically important to resolve the doubt and surface distrust that students naturally experience with these type of projects. In particular, it is absolutely necessary to effectively communicate to students that plowing forward in the face of persistent failed experiments is necessary to achieve success.

Olen York, Instructor of Entrepreneurship, Marshall University

Enabling and Encouraging Grit


12:30 PM 

Lunch Panel: Network of Entrepreneurial Women

1:00 PM  


Patricia Butler

Patricia Butler Interiors, LLC

Kyle Citrynell[1].jpg
Tia Coatley Pro.jpg
Verna Goatley Headshot.jpg
Marisa Neal headshot.jpg
Patricia Butler.jpeg


Kyle  Citrynell

Seiller Waterman, LLC


Marisa Midkiff Neal

MMN Consulting, LLC


Tia Coatley

Legacy Promotions, LLC


Verna Goatley

Louisville Forward

Overview of Educator Pitch Contest

1:45 PM

Design Thinking Workshop

2:00 PM


Andy Gold


Beth Kerly

Hillsborough Community College

Day 2 Wrap-up

3:45 PM


8:30 AM

Keynote: Funding Your Eship Initiative

8:45 AM  EntreEd and The EdVenture Group


Amber Ravenscroft

Manager of Innovation

Screen Shot 2019-06-17 at 9.18.19 AM.png

Jennifer Wotring

Senior Program Manager


Toi Hershman

Regional Coordinator

Announcement of Pitches

9:45 AM

Pitch Contest

10:00 AM

Announcement of Winners

11:30 AM

Forum Conclusion

12:00 PM